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11 August 2020 - 23:04

Hello, I am asking for help from members of FIx-Galleria. I have been searching for many years for the film Billy the Kid (1973) The First Notch and I see it on the list.



How can I obtain a copy or see the film? I will greatly appreciate your assistance.


Hi there.
I used to have the tape back in the day and still have a DVD-R left of it so can easily make an extra copy of the disc.

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31 July 2017 - 17:15

Playwright, Director and Actor Sam Shepard Passes Away at 73


BroadwayWorld has just learned that playwright, actor, author, screenwriter, and director Sam Shepard has passed away. Shepard, who had been ill with ALS for some time, died peacefully on July 30 at home in Kentucky, surrounded by his children and sisters. He was 73 years old.

Shepard is the author of forty-four plays as well as several books of short stories, essays, and memoirs. Shepard received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1979 for his play Buried Child. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of pilot Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff (1983).

Shepard received the PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater Award as a master American dramatist in 2009. New York described him as "the greatest American playwright of his generation."

His many plays include: Cowboys, The Rock Garden, Chicago, Icarus's Mother, 4-H Club, Red Cross, La Turista, Cowboys #2, Forensic & the Navigators, The Unseen Hand, Oh! Calcutta! (contributed sketches), The Holy Ghostly, Operation Sidewinder, Mad Dog Blues, Back Bog Beast Bait, Cowboy Mouth, The Tooth of Crime, Geography of a Horse Dreamer, Action, Angel City, Suicide in B Flat, Inacoma, Curse of the Starving Class, Buried Child, Tongues, True West, Savage/Love, Fool for Love, A Lie of the Mind, A Short Life of Trouble, Baby Boom, States of Shock, Simpatico, Tooth of Crime, Eyes for Consuela, The Late Henry Moss, The God of Hell, Kicking a Dead Horse, Ages of the Moon, Heartless and A Particle of Dread.

Shepard's plays are chiefly known for their bleak, poetic, often surrealist elements, black humor and rootless characters living on the outskirts of American society. His style has evolved over the years, from the absurdism of his early Off-Off-Broadway work to the realism of Buried Child and Curse of the Starving Class (both 1978).

Shepard began his acting career in earnest when he was cast as the handsome land baron in Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven (1978), opposite Richard Gere and Brooke Adams. This led to other important film roles, including that of Cal, Ellen Burstyn's love interest, in the film "Resurrection" (1980), and most notably his portrayal of Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff (1983). The latter performance earned Shepard an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. By 1986, his play Fool for Love was getting a film adaptation directed by Robert Altman, in which Shepard played the lead role; his play A Lie of the Mind was being performed Off-Broadway with an all-star cast (including Harvey Keitel and Geraldine Page); and Shepard was subsequently working steadily as a film actor - all of these achievements put him on the cover of Newsweek.

Throughout the years, Shepard has done a considerable amount of teaching on writing plays and other aspects of theatre. His classes and seminars have occurred at various theatre workshops, festivals, and universities. Shepard was elected to The American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1986. He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1986.



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05 July 2017 - 15:02

En tiedä mihin pitäs ilmottaa jos haluaa FIX gallerian listaa täydentää, mutta laitetaas nyt sit tänne.
Elikkäs, skanneria en satu omistamaan mutta multa löytyis Cartoon Videon julkaisu "Legend of Northwest" eli "Karhunsydämen seikkailut" elokuvasta.
FIX gallerialla on tietoa vain Omaxin julkaisusta kyseisestä leffasta. Mites tän infot ja kansien kuvat sais FIX gallerian ylläpidolle lähetettyä?
Edit: Plastic Little - animen kansista teillä ei kuvia satu olemaan, niistäkin kuvaa pystynen tarjoamaan kun kyseinen kokoelmasta löytyy.

Päivitin äsken ton Cartoon Video julkaisun gallerian.

Karhunsydämen seikkailut

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08 February 2017 - 13:35




Löysinhän minäkin 90-luvun alussa Kokkolasta Video Investin julkaisuja ihan hyvänlaisen pinon, mutta ruotsitekstithän niissäkin oli. Zoltan ja Horror of Frankenstein lienee olleet kans ruotsiteksteillä?



Noi mun listamat leffat olivat Ruotsin teksteillä. Eli Ruotsi nauhoja jotka olivat vuokraalla tällä Hangossa.

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07 February 2017 - 12:30

Tuo Zoltan - Draculan koira on 100% varmuudella ollut vuokraamoissa joskus 1985-1987, koska olen itse sen vuokrannut Halloween III kera vuokraamosta joskus tuolla aikavälillä.Vuokraamonpitäjän nimi taisi olla Jouko tai Jouni ( pieni ja parrakas ukko ), joka myöhemmin 80-luvun lopulla joutui lopettamaan vuokraamonsa Ylivieskasta ja Pietarsaaresta, koska poliisi sai sen kiinni vanhojen K-18 elokuvien ja kauppiaskopioiden vuokraamisesta, vaikka videolaki oli tullut voimaan.

Täällä Hangossa oli tohon aikaan yhden vuokramon "Hangonkylän Video" joka vuokraasi sekä kotimaisia että Ruotsi vuokranauhoja. Jotain mitä tuli vuokrattu faijan kanssa tosta tohon aikaan oli ainakin nämä Ruotsi nauhat.

- Zoltan (Thorn Emi)

- The Horror of Frankenstein (Thorn Emi)

- Death Ship/Spökskeppet (Europa Film)

- Göta Kanal (Europa Film)


Noista löyty vielä Beta kopioita jäljellä.


Joten paljon mahdollista että Pietarsaarella oli kans tommosia vuokramoja joka piti sekä Kotimaisia että Ruotsi nauhoja valikoimassa?